stetson europe – fws schneider – cologne/ germany
we made young campaign with pro skater for stetson hats and forvert
clothes at some nice skating spots in barcelona spain – catalogue – pos prints – online marketing photos
markus barth – comedian
cover shoot for his new book „sojasteak an vollmondwasser“ – lapan verlag
poster photos for 2 comedy programs – social media and print
papillio – shoes
shooting different campaigns for cataloges, Pos marketing, and big prints on location at
mallorca/ Spain – studio work for catalogues and order books
der unglaubliche heinz – heinz gröning – comedian
studio production – different Portraits for onlinemarketing and tour –
2 poster photos for 2 comedy porogramms, CD and social media, cards and other prints
Fatih Cevikkollu – cabaret artist – actor
live images – webpage images/ social media – press photos
Ramona Schukraft (aka Sybille Bullatschek) – cabaret artist – writer – actress
tour poster photo – print and online media – webpage images/ social media – press photos – portraits
Henning Schmidtke – Cabaret artist – musician
print and online media – webpage images/ social media – press photos – portraits
steep GmbH – Germany
image pictures – product pictures (indoor/ outdoor) – photos for advertising 
Probst Gründercoachingsankt augustin
business photos – portraits – image photos
VRT Linzbach, Löcherbach und Partner mbB – Wirtschaftsprüfer, STeuerberater, Rechtsanwälte
image pictures – event pictures – print & web
horst fyrguth – comedian
picturey for two different tour poster – online marketing and print – portraits for press photos and
homepage/ social media
kyle gass band – band/ usa
portraits for Eat music booking agency – live photos for rockaue festival and eat music
agentur koeln pool 
portraits and live photos for cabaret artists and stand up comedian
Vera Deckers – cabaret artist – speaker – coach
tour poster photo – print and online media – webpage images/ social media – press photos
Agentur rubbeldiekatz – bonn/ germany
portraits for all the catsfor webside and social media
europäische akademie NRW
portraits and office photos for web and print
luxx medien – Bonn/ Germany
portraits for webside and social media
mustasch – band/ sweden
live photos from wacken open air – promo photos for stetson rocks – marketing fotos for eat music
eat the gun – band
band shooting for new album, print and online marketing/ social media
schneiders – salzburg
showroom & interior design photos – düsseldorf
lot of bands, musicians and local heros
hello bomb letlowcynthia nickschaszeitgenossen
intersport mager – rheinbach
instore photos – big prints – nature – sport – lifestyle – pos marketing